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Virtual reality launches in Middlesbrough town centre

30 May 2017

Virtual Reality has reached Middlesbrough town centre thanks to a Teesside University student.

Morgan Jones has launched Middlesbrough VR in the town’s Dundas Market and Shopping Centre to offer virtual reality experiences throughout June.

HTC Vive virtual reality systems create a 360 degree virtual reality world for players of games such as first person shooter Zombie Training Simulator, award-winning Job Simulator, plus a range of other games and experiences.

A Computer Games student who has just completed his second year at Teesside University, Morgan started Middlesbrough VR after buying the HTC Vive system for himself.

He says: “My friends were amazed at the quality of the experience and were always wanting to play, but it’s expensive to buy the whole system, so I thought I could run a business over the Summer and make the experiences available to everyone at a low cost.  Dundas Market is the ideal location, as it is so easy to get to, and I’m grateful to manager David Harris for all the help he has given me in launching this business.”

Dundas Market Manager David Harris says: “We want a broad range of traders in the Dundas Market, so if you have got a business idea like Morgan, please get in touch and we will do all we can to help.  We’ve still got a limited number of Enterprise Units available, where the rent is as little as £10 per day all in. There is just the rent to pay, no worries about costs for security, utilities and rates.”

Middlesbrough VR is open from 9am to 5pm, Mondays to Saturdays from 30 May to 30 June.

Sessions at Middlesbrough VR cost £5 for 10 minutes, or £15 for 30 minutes.  They can be booked by calling 07380 295872 or messaging via www.facebook.com/MiddlesbroughVR/.  Bookings can also be made in person in the Dundas Market.

Further information about units in the Dundas Market is available from Market Manager David Harris on tel. 01642 232552 or by email. david.harris@dundasindoormarket.co.uk